Leader Company of Aluminum Mesh Screens

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD was founded in 1999. Since its inception the company is growing rapidly, and our employees acquire more experience.

Our company manufactures and exports a wide range of aluminum mesh products, including aluminum woven wire mesh, black and bright insect screens, mesh grilles for architectural, car and truck mesh grilles, expanded and perforated metal, diamond plate, and aluminum diamond grille. The flagship of our products is aluminum woven mesh and insect screens. Aluminum insect screen mesh is the ideal materials for windows, doors, and porch screen solution.

We Can Guarantee the Quality and Reliability of Our Products.

First, we cooperate with major domestic and foreign manufacturers of metal, therefore guarantee the quality and reliability of our raw material.

Second, we use special professional equipment, as well as work of highly qualified specialists. We are constantly optimizing the production process sheet , buy advanced equipment and engaged in training our staff.

Third, constant quality assurance at all production phases, beginning from purchase of materials and finishing rigid criteria at end-product tests. Resolutely eliminate substandard products delivery to our consumers.

Over the years we have accumulated a large customer base, and is constantly updated with new clients. Growing experience and a huge number of satisfied customers push our company becoming the market leaders for windows and doors, balconies and loggias screens against flies and other insects.

As the leader company, we continually seek method to produce new aluminum window screen with excellent visibility and safety. In our company you will meet attentive and competent managers who will assist you in the selection of mesh and give the necessary advice. Any question, you can fill out the below form or mail us at sales@goldoxwiremesh.com.