Aluminum mesh grilles - expanded, perforated or woven style

Our aluminum mesh grilles (also named car grilles or truck grilles) are in expanded, perforated or woven styles. With the features of anti-rust, and anti-corrosion, these car front grill meshes provide maximum ventilation and protect engine from flying stones, and will not dent or distort when stuck by flying stones.

  • Aluminum expanded metal grill has high strength and no break or welds. It is perfect for radiator grilles and air vents of all cars and trucks.
  • Perforated aluminum mesh grills are available in different hole patterns, and pitch.
  • Aluminum wire mesh woven grilles with square or diamond mesh pattern, available in styles of crimped or not crimped, is often seen on finest sports cars and luxury vehicles and very popular in the aftermarket.


  • Materials mainly are aluminum, available in black powder coated or polished chrome, resistance to corrosion.
  • Thickness 0.8mm - 1.8mm.
  • Color: silver, black, shinny light, gold.
  • Car mesh grille sheet common size: 16" × 36", 16" × 48", 24" × 24", 12" × 48", 18" × 48", 48" × 72" , 24" × 72", 36" × 48".
  • Simply cut to your grille size with heavy duty cutting shears.
  • Packaged in flat sheet or rolls.
  • In rolls 100cm × 250cm.

Expanded aluminum mesh car grilles

EAMCG-1: Expanded aluminum grill mesh black polymeric coated 5mm × 10mm

EAMCG-2: Expanded aluminum grill mesh silver color 5mm × 10mm.

EAMCG-3: Expanded aluminum grill mesh black polymeric coated 8mm × 16mm.

EAMCG-4: Expanded aluminum grill mesh silver color 8mm × 16mm.

EAMCG-5: Expanded aluminum grill honeycomb mesh black polymeric coated 8mm × 25mm.

EAMCG-6: Expanded aluminum grill honeycomb mesh silver color 8mm × 25mm.

EAMCG-7: Aluminum grill mesh, powder coated also available

EAMCG-8: Black anodised aluminum expanded grill mesh

Perforated aluminum mesh car grilles

PAMCG-1: Aluminium perforated mesh grille sheet round aperture

PAMCG-2: Aluminum perforated mesh grill sheet with square holes

PAMCG-3: Aluminum grill sheet with long holes

PAMCG-4: Perforated aluminum grill mesh sheet with hexagon holes

Aluminum woven wire mesh car grille

AWCG-1: Anodized aluminum wire bright grill mesh

AWCG-2: Chrome aluminum wire mesh grill

AWCG-3: Aluminum diamond woven wire mesh car grill - silver sheet

AWCG-4: Aluminum double woven wire grill mesh with square pattern


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