Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet

Aluminum perforated sheets are created by punching a series of holes in a solid aluminum metal sheet. The holes are smooth, located at the same distance from each other and have no gaps, burrs or other defects. Perforated aluminum sheet has high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics, and weight lighter than steel copper and brass.

Perforated Sheet Details:

There are many variations of perforated aluminum sheets according to the shape and size of holes , as well as their mutual arrangement.

  • Perforation holes shape: round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, oval, crescent-shaped, slit, oblong, triangular, diamond-shaped, decorative patterns perforations (flower, cross).
  • Mutual arrangement: straight rows, staggered rows, diagonally offset rows, decorative perforation (flower).
  • Sheet thickness - 0.40 mm. up to 7 mm.
  • Min hole diameter of 0.5 mm.
  • Standard dimensions of perforated sheets: Small format - 1000 × 2000 mm, Medium format - 1250 × 2500 mm, Large format - 1500 × 3000 mm.
Perforated holes shape: round, square, cross, and decorative patterns.

Our aluminum perforated metal sheet has various perforated hole shapes.


As a light decorative material, perforated aluminum sheet has with a wide range of applications in various industries.

  • It is used in construction, architecture, mechanical engineering , aircraft , instrumentation, interior design, food industry, agriculture, furniture production and exhibition equipment.
  • Visual lightness and delicacy of perforated sheet provide scope for creative thinking designers, engineers and architects. Designers can use it create unique situation offices, cafes and retail outlets.
  • In agriculture and the food industry as sieves and screens for drying and separation of liquids and solids screening.
Black aluminum perforated mesh used as window screen

Aluminum perforated mesh screen offers good ventilation and light transmission

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