Aluminum Wire for Cable Wire and Welding Wire

Aluminum wire is a special metal wire. When exposed to the air, its surface can be covered with a anti-corrosion layer - a protective oxide film. The main advantage of aluminum wire is its high strength and minimum weight, relatively low cost, high corrosion resistance, ductility, and ease using. Aluminum wire is very easy to melt - the melting point of aluminum is 600 degrees Celsius. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity is very high. But aluminum wire price is very cheap.

Aluminum Wire Has a Very Large Range of Applications As Below.
  • With the features of high corrosion resistance, ease of processing, flexibility, strength, low weight, weak magnetic properties, aluminum wire is widely used in machinery, aircraft, chemical, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, electrical engineering and construction, and furniture industries.
  • It is also used for the production of cables, power lines, rectangular winding wires, nails, rivets, woven wire mesh, and insect screen mesh.
  • Aluminum wire is completely safe and meets all sanitary requirements, so it is approved for use in the food industry, such as sausage and beer industry.
  • Has very high quality resists the negative effects of humidity. so it widely used in construction in direct or close contact with water.
  • However, the most important application of the aluminum wire is welding of aluminum and its alloys duralumin. Welding with aluminum wire, connections can provide a number of important qualities strength , endurance , flexibility , protection from hot cracking and resistance to stress corrosion .

Aluminum wire on plastic or metal spools.


Aluminum wire packaged in coils, diameter from 0.5 mm up to 12 mm

The Main Advantage of Aluminum Wire

The main advantage of aluminum wire is its high strength and minimum weight, relatively low cost, high corrosion resistance, ductility, safe and ease of processing.

The Types of Aluminum Wire
  • According to the method of production: pressed wire and drawn wire.
  • According to usage: power lines wire, electrical wire, welding wire.
  • As the material: cold-worked wire, soft annealed wire, hardened wire, and hot-pressed wire.
  • According to the method of delivery: coils wire, spools wire.
  • Wire diameter from 0.5 mm to 12 mm.
  • 0.5 mm - 1.0 mm wire used for welding wire.
  • 2.0 mm - 4.2 mm wire used for the manufacture of purified clips used in sausage industry.
  • 6.0 mm - 12 mm Aluminum wire for the production of rivets.
  • 2.0 mm - 5.0 mm Aluminum wire for the cable industry.

Packaging: 30 - 100 kg coils with plastic film placed in cardboard boxes, or spools wire placed in cardboard boxes. Delivered on pallets.

The Aluminum Wire Price

The aluminum wire price depends on you required delivery volume, wire diameter, and grade of material. If you need further advice, our experts will answer all your questions. We also sell aluminum expanded metal, perforated metal, and insect screen mesh. Send email to us, we can meet your requirements.

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