Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh and Insect Screen

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD was founded in 1999. Since its inception the company is growing rapidly, and our employees acquire more experience. We manufactures and exports aluminum woven wire mesh, black and bright insect screens, mesh grilles for architectural, car and truck mesh grilles, expanded and perforated metal, diamond plate, and aluminum diamond grille. The flagship of our products is aluminum woven mesh and insect screens. Aluminum insect screen mesh is the ideal materials for windows, doors, and porch screen solution.

Plain Woven Aluminum Wire Mesh

Plain woven aluminum wire mesh is corrosion resistant like stainless steel mesh, but much lighter and softer. Aluminum mesh also has a number of unique features, such as heat resistance, ductility, strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity. A wide range of mesh size from 0.58 mesh up to 200 mesh is offered. Aluminum mesh is easy to cut, the heavy duty mesh from 2 mesh to 10 mesh cut with tin snips, and if you want to cut a 16 mesh sheet, you just need a common scissors.

Bright Aluminum Insect Screening

16 mesh and 18 mesh bright aluminum insect screening has excellent visibility in natural aluminum color, offering good air ventilation, and widely used for doors, windows, porch and patio enclosures screen. Through the bright window screen, we can clearly see the outside scenery - green trees and houses under the blue sky.

Black Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminum Screen

Black epoxy powder coated aluminum screen with good corrosion resistance, light weight, good air ventilation is widely used for window screening and machinery protection material. It has better visibility at a 90 degree viewing angle and minimizes outside glare. When use it, you can cut it with sturdy shears.

Charcoal Aluminum Mesh Screen

Charcoal aluminum mesh screen is woven from charcoal aluminum wire. The charcoal treatment offers reduced glare, greater visibility, and insulating characteristic. It will not rust or mildew.

Apart from common aluminum mesh screen, we also fabric strong aluminum pet screen. It not only against insects, but also against your pets claws spoiling. At the same time, the pet screen can protect your pets and young children from falling out of windows.

What Kind or Color Insect Screen Is Suitable for Me?

  • Bright and black epoxy coated aluminum insect screen has high electrical conductivity. While, charcoal aluminum screen is coated with insulator - charcoal, so it is insulating. If you need a conductive aluminum screen for a project, bright or black epoxy coated screen is your right choice, but charcoal screen is not the product you want. If you need a insulating screen, the charcoal screen is right one.
  • If your door and window frame is dark, the black color screen is suitable. If your patio door frame is white, the bright aluminum insect screen seemed to be the better choice.
  • If you want to have a clean - no somewhat hazy - outside view from a distance, the dark screen is the better choice.
  • If you have cats or dogs in home, pet screen mesh is your wise choice.

As the leader company, we continually seek method to produce new aluminum window screen with excellent visibility and safety. You can purchase aluminum wire mesh screen by email or fill out feed back form. We will offer high quality aluminum mesh, packed correctly and delivered on time.